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Jaguar (#160494569597)

Seller delivered exactly what they represented and was extremely helpful

US $15,000.00 View Item Jaguar
Positive feedback rating great truck better than advertised  
  • Reply by autobkr989 :
    We appreciate your business..enjoy the truck in Iowa...Thanks again.
  Chevrolet : Avalanche (#160385777312) US $24,995.00  
Positive feedback rating Great seller.....good communication.....would buy from again....Thanks  
  Chevvrolet : Silverado 1500 (#160373824501) US $33,500.00  
Positive feedback rating Fantastic people to do business with.  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    We appreciate your business..careful driving back to Washington! Thank you again
  Toyota : Corolla (#160364611537) US $10,995.00  
Positive feedback rating Thank you for making my purchase so seemless and easy...this is a great car!  
  Chrysler : Sebring (#160341871520) US $10,995.00  
Positive feedback rating Great truck. No problems. Thanks for getting us at airport!  
  Toyota : Tacoma (#160340067873) US $25,895.00  
Positive feedback rating best car i ever had and a great deal, thanks  
  • Reply by autobkr989:
    Just great customers! Enjoy your Camry in California!
  Toyota : Camry (#160309247414) US $16,800.00  
Positive feedback rating This has to be the best experience I have ever had in buying an automobile.  
  • Reply by autobkr989:
    What great customers! Enjoy your PT Cruiser in Las Vegas..Thank you so much!
  Chrysler : PT Cruiser (#160307837467) US $7,500.00  
Positive feedback rating this was my sixth car purchase on ebay, and BY FAR the best!!! *** AWESOME***  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Super Customer...enjoy your Volvo in Arkansas! Your business is appreciated!
  Volvo : S80 (#160304431009) US $6,350.00  
Positive feedback rating ATOBKR extremely HONEST&TRUSTWORTHY. Made me happy at a profit loss to them! A++  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Enjoy your truck in N. Calif., We trust the small repairs were satisfactory.
  Chevrolet : Silverado 2500 (#160303453312) US $12,995.00  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Great customer..glad our transporter could deliver to New Mexico on time. Thanks
  Honda : Accord (#160292680694) US $21,895.00  
Positive feedback rating -  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Thank you for the great letter indicating that we were a "great dealer" !
    • Follow-up by harryn1 
      Intended to leave a glowing report, but clicked wrong--Seller was excellent! A++
  Toyota : RAV4 (#150287830046) US $14,750.00  
Positive feedback rating Picked up my Prius today. Overall a great transaction. Thanks for the nice deal!  
  • Reply by autobkr989:
    We appreciate your business, thank you. Careful driving back to California!
  Toyota : Prius (#160243899177) US $18,000.00  
Positive feedback rating Excellent towork with, Car just as listed. Great communication, Highly recommend  
  •  by autobkr989 
    Super family..enjoy your Mazda RX8 in Idaho!! Appreciate your business,thank you
  Mazda : RX-8 (#160239123717) US $16,500.00  
Positive feedback rating Great to deal with, vehicle was exactly like decribed, would buy again  
  • Reply by autobkr989
    Appreciate your business, be safe in your new truck in Canada!
  Chevrolet : Silverado 2500 (#160221513680) US $32,500.00  
Positive feedback rating A+++ Great communication!! No disappointments with the Monte. Thanks!  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    A "big thank you" for your business and coming from Kansas to pick up your car!
  Chevrolet : Monte Carlo (#150201772015) US $15,395.00  
Positive feedback rating nice car just as described. great people to deal with A++++  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Hope you enjoy your Infiniti in Alabama! Come back again!
  Infiniti : FX (#150200796840) US $21,650.00  
Positive feedback rating Excellent ,Just as described.Great A++++++++++++++++++++  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Glad you arrived safely and enjoy your new truck in Tennessee.
  GMC : Sierra 2500 (#150183678739) US $29,200.00  
Positive feedback rating great E-BAYER A +++++++++++++++++++++++++ i'd buy from them again.  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Be safe in your new Corvette! Hope the drive to S. Carolina was a good one!
  Chevrolet : Corvette (#150139522654) US $34,795.00  
Positive feedback rating Great care. Outstanding customer service. Very easy to work with.  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Thank you for your purchase, and be careful driving your Audi back to Oregon!
  Audi : A4 (#150122816352) US $8,500.00  
Positive feedback rating I am 54 years old and have never in all my life had a better car buying experenc  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Thank you again for your purchase. Be careful driving your GMC back to Georgia!
  GMC : Sierra 2500 (#160097596684) US $39,895.00  
Positive feedback rating These folks are the BEST! So easy, so right!! A 5+ Star rating. Thank you!  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Thank you again for your purchase. Enjoy your HHR in Nevada
  Chevrolet : HHR (#160090856430) US $13,595.00  
Positive feedback rating Could not of asked for anything more. The car was in excellent condition.  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Enjoyed meeting you! Hope your drive to Canada in your Lexus was a good one.
  -- (#4618107112) --  
Positive feedback rating Car was in excellent condition. Very polite and helpful, Thank you A+++  
  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Our transporter delivered your new Honda right to your door in N. Calif...Enjoy!
  -- (#4607121913) --  
Positive feedback rating Excellant seller. Very comfortable to do business with. Would use again
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  • Reply by autobkr989 
    Super family, enjoy your new truck in Las Vegas.
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